Welcome to Westwave Audio, LA’s brand new API dealer.
Our mission is to provide you with great gear at a fair price with
phenomenal customer service.

We are going to do things just a little different. For one thing our
hours are Monday  - Friday from 6 to 10 pm. Why that late you
may ask? Because, we can’t get in any earlier as we are all
working audio professionals during the day. We don’t just sell this
gear we use it. For another we only show by appointment. This is
done so that we can spend some quality time with each person in
demo studio. If you already know what piece of API gear you
want soon you’ll be able to use our online store to make your
purchase and it will be shipped straight to you.

We are also big on education and are going to show you
how to use, I mean really use your gear. How many times do you
buy a piece of gear only to use the presets and never dig into it?
Well we have no presets here. Those of you who are plug-in
people will actually have to tweak a real knob or two. So we will
be having Saturday seminars to help you get the most out of your
API gear. The seminars are free and open to anyone. Check our
news page for more info.

Thank you for visiting our site,
Mike Rodriguez
President, Westwave Audio Inc.